Feature Benefit
Intuitively designed user-interface. Save time and know where you are and what you need to do.
Ideal Leader defined for each organization. Match for today's and tomorrow's business challenges.
Ideal Organization defined for every business unit. Able to clearly differentiate between levels.
MyPeoplePlan for tracking your tasks and objectives. Recording the accomplishments and follow-up issues.
Flexible and adaptable to match human capital to changes in business strategies. Guarantees your human capital is always aligned to business needs.
Align competencies by position and level to "match-up" skills and needs. Most effective "matching" is by connecting the right competencies to the right job.
Survey-launch in just a few clicks, anywhere, anytime. Great time saver and engage your company any where any time in only a few clicks.
Create customized fields that matter most to your organization. Your organization is unique and our program reflects your needs.
Gives you the tools necessary to create a strategy and then execute and report to your leaders on its effectiveness. Gives you the tools necessary to not only get the work done but report to your leaders how effective it is.
Automatic notification and ability to send updates through our e-mail protocol. Keeps your organization notified and you can do other things.
Dashboard views for real-time analysis. Always see what is going on.
Customizable reporting features for presentations, team updates and follow-through. Easy and fast report function captures information you need.
Design a structure for your program through our custom approach. Fits your specific needs.

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