Our program is totally a "cloud" based software solution that is priced on a subscription basis.

  1. Contact us to discuss your company’s challenges.
  2. We will help you define your needs and determine the configuration to bring you the most effective program.
  3. We will craft your options and present a comprehensive solution.
  4. Each subscription includes: training for administrators, steps to configure the program for your needs, upgrades on new versions and on-going support.
  5. In addition, our unique expertise and team are able to conduct detailed talent audits, change management interventions, competency modeling or on-site organizational assessment and training.

    • Schedule a "virtual-demonstration" for you, your team or task force to provide detailed insights on how this program will bring a comprehensive solution to your workforce planning program.
    • We are able to help you overcome many of the implementation challenges you may be facing.
    • Contact us to explore the areas you may have a need to address. (link to contact and demo)

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